Vanilla Fir Honey - 300gr

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We bring you one of the rarest and most exclusive flavours of Greece...

Our Vanilla Fir Honey is all natural, has a pearl-like colour, it is much thicker than most other honeys, and has the distinctive white stripes of natural vanilla running through it, along with an intense aroma and sweetness. We here at Nectar DNA pay the utmost attention so that we can bring to you honey of the best quality. Thus we only collaborate with small producers that are handpicked after meticulous searching, tastings and lab analyses. 

Each bottle contains a single ingredient: 100% Pure Honey of the highest quality. Vanilla-Fir honey is very rare and for it to be called “Vanilla Fir” it needs to be harvested from a specific type of fir trees (black firs) that only grow in Parnon, Menalon and Helmos mountains of Greece, and the beehives that are set there. It also needs to have natural vanilla in it, which is created naturally by itself as a result of fermentation that happens either on the log of the fir or inside the hives that are set there. Our honey is always coming from a single beekeeper from a single estate, as stated on the jar, so that we can even pinpoint on a map the exact trees, bushes and flowers from where the bees producing our honey started their job. 

Our Vanilla Fir Honey is measured for its moisture levels, which are never higher than 18%. The honeycombs are gathered in a timely manner, always transferred rapidly for the honey to be harvested properly, and stored in an underground lab, in appropriate conditions. No fertilisers or inputs are used. Our farmer, Tasos Tzakas, has over 20 years’ experience on a traditional small scale family business which started in the 1980s.

Available in jars of 300gr, harvested in 2019.

Our Vanilla Fir Honey can be a enjoyed for a long time after its harvest date and is best kept in a shaded, cool and dry place.

* Everything you need to know about honey crystallisation and the eternal properties of honey!