Honey Mead - Coming Soon!

A unique light alcoholic drink (8%), served cool or with ice as a liqueur or as an ingredient in cocktails or baking. Our glass bottles of 250ml contain only water and three types of natural organic honey (thyme, flower and heather).

In Greek mythology, the Olympian gods were drinking “nectar” to stay healthy. “Nectar” is the ancient mead created by fermenting honey with water. It is the oldest cocktail made by humans. Our honey mead is the only in Greece still made in the traditional way through fermenting three types of organic honey in oak barrels with water for 18-24 months.

The recipe’s roots are lost to ancient Greek history. Our farmers, the Sotirale Family, have over 30 years’ experience on an award-winning traditional small scale family business of organic products.

Our Honey Mead is independently certified by the Department of Chemistry and Food Technology at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. It is a patented product by the Greek Government’s Patent Office. It won a silver award in the Taste Olymp Awards 2016 and a gold award at the 2019 European Mead Madness Cup.

Our Mead does not have a best before date is best kept in a shaded, cool and dry place (or in the fridge prior to serving).