Nectar DNA

The concept behind Nectar DNA

Memories of food are powerful.

Having visited many different places in Greece, we have enjoyed over the years a huge range of products that have left strong impressions on us. The combination of Greece’s climate with the hard work and devotion of local farmers, gives birth to some extraordinary flavours.

It's really hard to uncover the true face of foodie Greece. Some flavours are there to trigger many of your senses, and create a memory.

We have set up Nectar DNA to bring to you some of the products that we have enjoyed over the years. And we trust that you will fall in love with these flavours. They’re the same ones that we use in our own homes, we raise our families with and cook our Sunday lunches with. And we only work with family and people we get to know and trust that are based in Greece.

Getting access to such natural flavours is impossible for many. We have built this access over years, and we can only source for you a limited quantity of products of extraordinary quality. We’re revisiting our stock list, meeting new producers, and adding new products all the time.

We are a multi-award winning family business.

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Our promise... our customers:

We will always be bringing directly to you products of consistently extraordinary quality. Aiming for consistent quality means that we might have limited quantities but you will know that they will always have been sourced responsibly, freshly packaged, and transferred and stored using appropriate techniques. After our producers check their packages, they are sealed and not opened again until they get to your home. If asked, we can pinpoint exactly the olive trees from where the olives producing your olive oil were first picked at, or the exact flowers where the bees started the process to get you your honey. Never adulterated or extra processed products. the economy:

We will always be working with small producers in Greece who use original methods. Greek economy has been hit hard in recent years, and small farmers and producers have been struggling to afford their living despite hard work and devotion to responsible methods. We will work to benefit these family business directly, no middle men, no larger corporations. the environment:

 We will always be responsible about how we run our business and who we work with. We will not benefit mass unnecessary production, not create waste, not use plastics once. We are storing, shipping, recycling and working responsibly. our partners:

We will always celebrate the expertise of the people we work with, especially the craft and experience of the producers we work with. We are transparent about who they are because we have signed agreements that we are the ones exclusively bringing their products to the UK. We respect the skill of our partners in the UK who taste our products and give access to the market.

Honey Mead

Coming Soon! A unique light alcoholic drink (8%), served cool or with ice as a liqueur or as an ingredient in cocktails or baking.Our Honey Mead is the only in Greece still made in the traditional way, it is independently certified and won gold award at the 2019 European Mead Madness Cup!